Healthcare Students

Save up to half the cost or more on immunization record requirements

TEST KIT IS $229 + Tax includes physician script and shipping plus more.
Accepted CLIA/CAP certified test results.
Please see below for Blood Sample Verification Form

ImmunoProfile At-Home Titer Test
Save money. Get results. Get started TODAY.

Immunization Compliance Testing for Healthcare Students

At-home antibody test panel provides results for all required immunizations

ImmunoProfile’s accepted CLIA/CAP-certified
at-home finger-prick test measures precise
levels of antibodies to confirm adequate protection.

  • Valid in all 50 states and Washington D.C for ages 4+. 
  • Results accepted by nursing schools
  • HSA/FSA Eligible
  • 11 commons vaccines
  • Confirms all 8 nursing immunization requirements

Test Panel

  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis
  • Varicella Zoster/Chicken Pox
  • Polio (Optional)
  • Hepatitis A
  • H. Influenza B

Indicates a required test for Nursing School

Save hours or days on appointments and paperwork

  • At-home test eliminates need for doctor or lab visits
  • Finger-prick blood sample requires minimal volume and no draws
  • Standardized test results provided in single-page PDF for easy submission

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Save hundreds of dollars on testing and logistics

  • $100s less than typical out-of-pocket alternative for doctor/lab visits
    • Offering includes physician prescription, test kit, shipping (test kit & blood sample), lab testing, and test results
  • Private, secure customer portal for your test results report and tracking test kits.

For healthcare students requiring blood sample verification by their institution
(please check with your institution)

  1. Download and print Blood Sample Verification Form
  2. Schedule your appointment with your Healthcare Provider (physician, nurse, urgent care, health clinic, etc.) or Health Services department
  3. Register your purchased ImmunoProfile test kit at on the scheduled appointment date (see Step 1 in Instructions for Use pamphlet included in test kit delivered to your address)
  4. Bring your purchased ImmunoProfile test kit including all contents and Blood Sample Verification Form to your Healthcare Provider or Health Services on scheduled appointment date
  5. Present your Blood Sample Verification Form and government issued identification (driver’s license, etc.) to your Health Care provider or Health Services team member for blood sample verification
  6. Complete the Blood Sample Verification Form, peel dry blood spot serial label from Instructions for Use pamphlet found in Step 1 and attach label in designated location ‘Place Label Here’
  7. Complete Steps 2 -11 in Instructions for Use pamphlet in the presence of a Healthcare Provider or Health Services team member including blood sample collection on dry blood spot card (minimum of 2 circles)
  8. The Healthcare Provider or Health Services team member will review Blood Sample Verification Form and if acceptable will sign and print name on form along with facility name and facility address (stamp is acceptable)
  9. Healthcare student will scan and email completed Blood Sample Verification Form to ImmunoProfile ([email protected])
  10. Healthcare student will retain original Blood Sample Verification Form for their records
  11. Healthcare student will mail blood sample at UPS location (Step 12 in Instructions for Use) same day or next day (Monday – Friday for best results)

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